Bilai mata maa Vindhyavasi also known as Bilai Mata, Mahishasura Mardani. The idol of the mother in the temple is Lingaraka and the idol is Swayambhu. Dhamtari is also called the city of religion., It is the main Aradhya Devi of Dhamtari zone.According to some information received from the local residents and the temple, earlier this place used to be a deserted forest, in which people came to hunt wood, grass and wild animals, many forest dwellers lived nearby, at the same time. Some were gone to cut grass in the forest. Mother secretly in the same forest Shyam was seated as a rock, Ghasiyaro saw a rock near the bush, some cats were sitting near the rock, the cats started to roar loudly after getting the sound of Ghasiyaro, the cats were driven away from it and Unknown control by rubbing her haseye (grass cutting tool) on that rock, she smiled and smiled, all those clutches in the form of the miracle of mother, in a short period of time, excessive loss Were bitten and nickel sell, than the rest of them days was a lot of value for your grass,On the same night, the mother gave those dreams to her and said, which you considered to be an ordinary stone, you have sharpened your huskies, that stone is not a small stone, I am a mother of Vindhyavasani, told the king of his dream of getting there in the morning. Knowing its truth and having built a small temple at that place, since then this place has become a major center of worship.

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