Chiturgarh kila Korba Chaiturgarh (Lafagarh) is located about 70 km from Korba city. It is located at the top of the hill at an altitude of 3060 meters, 25 kilometers north of Pali, it was built by King Prithvi Dev. Archaeologists have included it in the strong natural kilo, as it is protected by strong natural walls from all around. High walls have been constructed in only a few places. The fort has three main entrances namely Menaka, Humkara and Simhadwar. Is known.

There is a flat area of ​​5 square meters at the top of the hill, where there are five ponds, three of which are filled with water. The famous Mahishasura Mardini temple is situated here. The idol of Mahishasura Mardini, a statue of 12 hands, is installed in the sanctum sanctorum. Shankar’s cave is located 3 km from the temple. This cave, which is like a tunnel, is 25 feet long. One can go inside the cave as it is very small in diameter.

The hills of Chittorgarh are famous for their natural beauty and it offers an experience of thrilling romance. Many types of wild animals and birds are found here. SECL has built a rest house for the tourists visiting here. The K Trust also built some rooms for tourists.
Special poojas are organized here during Navratri.

History of Chaiturgarh Fort:- The famous Chaiturgarh fort falls in Korba district of Chhattisgarh. This fort is also known as Lafagarh Fort. This fort has natural importance but at the same time, if the fort is seen from the point of view of architecture, its importance increases even more.Historically, the fort of Chaturgarh enjoys great importance. Archaeologists consider this fort to be a natural and strong fort. Some also believe that some inscriptions found in the middle province and Berar show that this fort dates back to 933 Kalchuri and was ruled by the Kalachuri king at that time.It is believed that the king here belonged to the Haihaya family and had eighty boys. One of the boys of that king was named Kalinga and the boy of that Kalinga was Kamala Raja. Kamala Raja ruled Tumna for many years. But Kamala Raja was defeated by Ratnaraja 1.But Prithvi Deva ruled after Ratnaraja. It is said that this fort was built by King Prithvi Dev. The Archaeological Department of India looks after the fort.The famous Mahishasura Mardini temple is also on it. 12 Hatowali idol of Mahishasura Mardini has been installed in the temple here. 3 km away from this temple is the Shankar Cave. This cave is like a tunnel of 25 feet. Due to the size of this cave, it has to be crawled out of it.Due to the absence of this Chaiturgarh or Lafagad Fort in one way, we find its walls small and thick in many places. The entrance of the fort is made in a very beautiful way. Many pillars and sculptures are also seen in it. There is a very large dome here, which is built on strong pillars. Five columns were built to support this dome.The hill adjacent to the fort had five ponds in its ajubaju, which were spread over about 5 sq km. Three of the five talabs were filled with water throughout the year. The fort is considered to be the three most important gateways named Maneka, Humkara and Singhdwar.Many of the forts are given the same name. But the fort of Chaturgarh has been given not one but two names. And this is the specialty of this fort. This fort is also known as Lafagarh Fort along with Chaturgarh.And the biggest and shocking thing is that after this fort is so high, there is not a full five pond in the topmost area and most of them are filled with water throughout the year.

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