Kankali Mata Balod. The devotees have their faith in the Skeleton temple established in village Kaneri of Gurur block in the district. It is said that any devotee who came to the frame of this temple did not go empty. Mother filled his bag with happiness. Here every crisis is overcome with the blessings of Virajit Skeleton Devi. Everybody becomes a spoiler who worships the devi goddess with true heart, Mother definitely fulfills the wishes of those devotees.Mother removes all the sufferings of her devotees. A unique bond of faith and faith is seen between the devotee and the Mother Goddess from the temple of this village. With the increasing faith of the people and the glory of Maia, a grand temple has now been built here. Everyday devotees come regularly to worship the mother. The biggest feature of this temple is that in both Sharadiya and Chaitra Navratri, plowing and javra are sown in the temple premises. As unique as this temple is recognized. The story of this temple is unique.The meeting was going on in the village, when the goddess came to the Baiga Self, Photkaha and started speaking, I am a skeleton. We are coming from Vananchal from three flowing Bastar, with one sister staying in Calcutta and the other in Raipur. I wish that I should stop this right now I have stopped in Vananchal from your village. If you want to stop then stop otherwise I will go to another place. After which, after getting up from the rural meeting, Baiga stopped at the seated place and started saying. There is peace here, forest which I like. Saying this, Baiga stopped.Since then, the villagers started the temple by building a stone temple and setting up the mother. At the same time, during the British rule, on hearing the miracles of the Mother Goddess, the Goddess was tested many times. Seeing the miracles of the Mother Goddess, the immediate Durg district administration provided a copper sheet to the temple. Even today, people come to the temple to see the miracles of the Mother Goddess, to fulfill their wishes and devotees from other districts as well as other states.

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