Kudurmal is a small village sitauted around 15 KM away from Korba district headquarter. The historical importance is that there is a Samadhi of one of the disciple of Saint Kabir’s, which is about 500 years old.

Besides this, there is a temple named Sankatmochan Hanuman Mandir, which was built by Mahatma Kevlal Patel, who was a prominent Saint.an idol of Hanuman has been installed in the centre of the temple. the sorroundings of the temple has small other temples of Kali, Durga, Ram, Sita, Kabir etc. There is a fair on Magh Purnima in every year (January and February).

near the temple there is a cave below a rock, which is also attracted by the pillgrims rock.

इसे भी पढ़ें  Banjaari Mata Temple

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