Maa Mahisasurardini is among the prominent devi temples of Korba district, with devotees watching the Jyoti Jawara burning in the court of Maa Ashtabhuji, sitting atop the hill at Pali Chaiturgarh. There will be queues of devotees throughout the Navratri festival in the court of the historic Mahishasura Mardini, situated in Chaiturgarh, Kashmir of Chhag, a tourist and faith place covered with greenery.Among the ancient Shakti Sites, Ma Mahishasura Mardini Temple located in Chaiturgarh of Pali development block is a place to enrich the district historically and strategically. The Chaturgarh Fort, located at a distance of 90 km from the district headquarters, was constructed in Kalchuri Samvat 821 i.e. 1069 AD. Turning the pages of history, it is known that Pali was once the city of King Jajalva Dev and Vikramaditya.It is mentioned in the name of North Pali Pradesh in the Gazetteer. The Shiva temple built by 9th century king Vikramaditya II is famous on the main road here. Lafa is the main landlord of Chhattisgarh at a distance of 10 km from here. The village Bagdara is situated in 16 km from the inaccessible valleys and the fort of Chaiturgarh is situated in the midst of a dangerous structure 4 km from Bagdara.The Chaturgarh Fort is spread over 5 square kilometers. The fort has four gates of which the main gateway is called the Singh Gate. Apart from this, there are Hunkara gates, Maneka gates and Gupta gates from which one can enter the fort. The temple of Ma Mahishasura Mardini is established on the summit of the hill fort. The main gate of the temple built in the Nagara style is towards the east.The statue of Barabhuji Maa Mahishasura Mardini is installed in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. Since ancient times, this temple has been the center of spiritual practice and strength. There is a tradition in the temple to be performed by the king again zamindar before worship.Presently this district comes under the category of protected site by the Department of Archeology. Here, in the Vasanti and Shardiya Navaratri, Jyoti Kalash would be lit every year. Thousands of devotees reach here every day to visit the Jyoti Kalash and the Mother Goddess. The work of decorating and saving this historic heritage is being actively done by the Pooja and Vikas Samiti. The SECL Gavra region has done significant work for the devotees at the fort.A three-room matriarch has been constructed for tourists to stay. In order to protect the forest wealth and greenery by the Forest Department, the proposal of Chaturgarh Mrigavan has been sent to the government in the earlier years with the aim of protecting the forest area and animals. There is also a huge stock of forest reserves in the plains of Chaturgarh. Among the famous Goddess sites of the district, Chaturgarh is the only place where the lake is situated above the mountain, which is a surprise for the devotees and tourists.It is said that at the time of construction of the temple, this lake has been given a fixed shape. The devotees take a bath in the holy lake and see the mother. This lake of the mountain has water for twelve months. A panoramic view of both sunrise and sunset can be seen from the Chaturgarh Fort. Watching towers have been built around the fort, so that the Kashmiris of Chhattisgarh can be captured on camera by looking far and wide.

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