Samlur is located around 9 KMs from District HQ Dantewada, here lies an ancient Shiva Temple almost intact and is being regularly worshiped by the disciples.

Samlur Shiva Temple of 11th/12th Century is located 30 Minutes far from District HQ Dantewada

Geedam is situated 74 kms. away from block headquarters Jagdalpur. On the way to Bijapur, a road diverges leftwards to Samlur, which goes through a 3 kms. forest area. Eastwards to Samlur village, is a large lake, where the marvellous architectural masterpiece in the form of Shiva temple lies on its banks. It is assumed to be built during the 10th century. The huge shivalinga of this temple is formed of sandstone, hence it catches great attention. The height of shivalinga is 2 ft. approx. and its diameter is 3 ft.

Different styles are adopted in temple architecture like Nagara style, Dravidian style and Besar style. Nagara style is prevalent in Northern India and Dravidian style in Southern India whereas Besar style is the combination of these two styles and is prevalent in Central India. This temple showcases the same architectural style (Besar).

How to reach:

Samlur is 7 km from Dantewada city. It can also be reached via on the way to Bijapur, where a road diverges leftwards to Samlur and,which goes through a 3 km of forest area.

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