Shri Baghel lauds and boosts the morale of  joint police team of states on industrialist’s safe return

Raipur, 23 January 2020

 Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel today at his residence office congratulated and  boosted the morale of the officers and personnel of the  joint police team of Chhattisgarh and other states, involved in the safe rescue of Raipur’s businessman Shri Praveen Somani  and the arrest of the perpetrators .On this occasion , Shri Baghel announced an increment in salary to Chhattisgarh’s police officers and personnel involved in this operation.

Chief Minister said that immediate serious cognizance of this incident  was taken in the state and all necessary actions were initiated  by the Government along with administration and police force to ensure businessman’s safe return. He fully appreciated the skilled strategy , bravery and work efficiency of the team . Shri Baghel pointed out that the skilled strategy adopted by the rescue team led to Mr. Somani’s safe return from the clutch of the kidnappers. He also praised the assistance provided by the police teams of  other states including Odisha , Gujrat , Bihar etc along with Chhattisgarh. He said that the image of Chhattisgarh Police has improved with time  and the prompt actions taken by police have instilled  fear in the minds of  criminals which has helped in preventing crime in the state. Public faith in peace and law & order and  has increased.

Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, at his residence office this evening , met the police officers and personnel  of the team involved in this operation, under the leadership of  Inspector General of Police Raipur Range Mr. Anand Chhabra and Senior Superintendent of Police Raipur Mr. Arif H. Sheikh. On this occasion,  Principal Secretary to  Chief Minister, Mr. Gaurav Dwivedi, Deputy Superintendent of  Police Ms. Kalpana Verma, Deputy Superintendent of Police Mr. Lokesh Dewangan and the officer-staff of the police  included in the team Mr. Ramakant Sahu, Mr. Ashwani Rathore, Mr. Sonal Gwala, Mr. Vishal Som, Mr. Nitin Upadhyay, Mr. Homchand Nagarachi, Mr. Shankarlal Dhruv, Mr. Kishore Seth, Mr. Natthe Singh, Mr. Jamil Khan, Mr. Santosh Singh, Mr. Sarfaraz Chishti, Mr. Mahendra Rajput, Mr. Pradeep Patel, Mr. Premraj Barik, Mr. Kuldeep Dwivedi, Mr. Sandeep Dixit, Shri Radhakant Pandey, Shrimati Basanti Maurya  were present.

Source: CG DPR