Chare-Mare waterfall is the adornment of Northern Bastar. On NH-43, 70 kms away from Jagdalpur, at Kondagaon or from District Headquarter Kanker to Narayanpur or Bhanupratapur, a concrete road has been constructed. On the way from Narayanpur to Antagarh, flowing through Pinjadin valley, Chare Mare waterfall fascinates spectators. The deep valley is horse-shoe shaped or resembles the English letter ‘U’ and comprises of green and dark black granite rocks, through which the serene Antagarh river flows ( local people refer it as Kutri river).

In the dense forest of Pinjadin valley, at the small stream of Nirgud, Chare Mare waterfall comes into existence. Near the waterfall, there is a broken idol of God Hanuman. People offers stone as a gift to god

This river forms Chare-Mare waterfall, falling almost from a height of 35ft. On the upper corner of this waterfall, there are two idols of Lord Hanuman, one is in good condition while the other is in ruins. People give stones as offering to the ruined idol.

The beautiful Charre Marre Water Fall is situated 17 km away from Antagarh in Kanker. On the way to Aamabera, there is a place called Charre Marre. This waterfall is produced by the river Jogidhara. The height of this waterfall is 16 m. This zigzag waterfall is a major tourist attraction and a famous picnic spot too.

The best time to visit this waterfall is during October-December.

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