Trust Siddha Shaktipeeth Holy Sparrow Dham – This sacred Gouraya Dham is located on the picturesque bank of Tandula River in village Chaurale, 15 km away from Gundardehi Block Headquarters in Balod District.
In this holy dham, a grand fair is organized every year on the occasion of Maghi Purnima and the saints and common people of different akharas take a royal bath in the river. A large number of devotees and tourists visit here during the fair.
Due to the ancient pagoda in this holy abode, there is special beauty in the month of Sawan.


The legend is prevalent in the area of ​​this holy abode that all the gods and goddesses visited the holy shrine here on Shivaratri and got absorbed in samadhi during the pilgrimage.
After opening the Samadhi, Lord Shiva saw that Mata Gauri and sparrow birds are absorbed in devotion to the Lord with the chavar (rice) in their hands. Lord Shiva, pleased with the service of both, gave him a boon. Mata Gauri and Sparrow bird both fold their hands and say that Lord, you are omniscient, give us this gift that we should always be absorbed in your service.Lord Shiva ji blessed the sparrow that you should send my message home, therefore the sparrow bird chirp-chinve (Shiva-Shiva), remembering Lord Shiva and praises the glory of Shiva’s name in nature. This Dham has a distinctive set of ancient temples, here is the Ram-Janaki Temple, Lord Jagannath Temple, Jyotirlinga Darshan, Durga Temple, Radha Krishna Temple, Panchmukhi Hanuman Temple. Near this ancient temple are the major famous temples like Burhadev Temple, Sant Guru Ghasidas Temple, Sant Kabir Temple, Vedic Ashram etc.

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This is a very attractive place for people interested in history. Excavations at an ancient Baoli situated in this Dham have yielded about 140 stone sculptures from the 8th to 12th centuries. Who are placed in the temple courtyard. From the historical perspective of Chhattisgarh, this region was under the Phani Nagvanshi rulers. There is a similarity in the murtis obtained from here and the murtis located in the Bhoramdev temple. The idols here have the marking of the moon, stars, sun, cycle, and hand marks.Which Phani confirms to be contemporary of Nagavanshi rulers. In 2008, this holy abode has been declared as a tourist place by the state government.

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