Jogi Cave: The history of the historic Gadiya mountain associated with the city is 700 years old. Dharmadev used to be the fort of Kandra Raja on the mountain. There is a rough route leading to the hill from Melabhata, a huge cave is located in this route. It is said that in that cave, a Siddha Jogi used to perform austerities, whose body was quite huge, there is a huge Khado worn by that Jogi even today.For this reason, this cave is called Jogi Cave. Many ascetics stayed in this cave till now and used to proceed after the rainy season. Even today, tourists and tourists reach the cave.

The Shiva temple situated on the mountain is also present here before the fort was built. Its history is believed to be at least thousand years old. The temple also has ancient statues of other gods including Surya. Every year since 1955, a fair is being held on the mountain on Mahashivratri.

Lion gate tunnel

The tunnel appears near the lion gate. The other end of the tunnel is said to be somewhere in the hills of Bastar. In case of danger on the fort, a tunnel was built for the king and the subjects to escape.
People come to see the knife.

The ceiling of the cave is seen with many hanging stones hanging on it. A large number of people also reach to see them. There are many ways to get out of the cave. There is also a place in the cave where 500 people can sit comfortably.

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Dharmdwar: This route was used by King Dharmadev to visit the fort. This is the path behind the fort. From this side, there is a way to go towards Kanker city and village Garhpichhwadi.

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