Mudku Island The natural beauty in the form of island is very ancient delightful place, as it is divided into two parts of the river Shivnath river. There are ancient Shiva temples and many architectural blocks on this island. Two very ancient Shiva temples of about 10th and 11th centuries are situated on this island. One of them is situated at Dhanmanteshwar and on the right side of it is an ancient valleys located in the north, which drains the water. Two ancient inscriptions have been found at this place. The first inscription is the Brahma inscription of about 3rd century AD. The Akshaya fund and the second inscription are equipped with the letters of the Shankhalipi. In this island, miniature stone crafts of prehistoric times are also available. Statue of the man without a head of the head appears to be 10th and 11th century AD in terms of architecture and art. Even today, archaeological excavations have found ancient idols of the Guptun and Calcutta carvings. The statue of the Culturary Chattrabhuji dance is found in the statue of Ganesh under the tree of Bakul. This is the only beautiful statue of the 11th century.

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