Commissioner Public Relations chairs state-level meeting of Public Relations Officers, discusses public awareness campaign

Inform common people about the helpline numbers, infection treatment, and the measures to be taken in an emergency situation

Expand the reach to gram-panchayat level through social media

Send important information in whatsapp groups of gram panchayat secretaries, employment assistants, mitanins and agriculture expansion officers

Seek support of community heads, spiritual leaders and public representatives to conduct the public awareness campaign

Create and promote short videos of doctors and experts sharing factual information regarding prevention and treatment of COVID-19

Raipur, 4 May 2021

“Public awareness campaigns should be widely conducted to promote vaccination and COVID-appropriate behavior”, said  Commissioner Public Relations Mr. Taran Prakash Sinha, while addressing the state-level virtual meeting of District Public Relations Officers today. He also advised the officials to seek support of public representatives, spiritual leaders and the representatives of social organizations to make these campaigns more effective. Mr. Sinha directed the PROs to create short videos of doctors and medical experts sharing factual information and medical advice on subjects such as home-isolation, medication, precautions and measures, when to admit the patient in hospital, etc, and promote the same on all social media platforms.

Commissioner Public Relations further said that more positive news, videos, photos and content should be made available on social media platforms. Along with whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter handle should also be utilized for promotion of inspiring stories and important information for public. Mr. Sinha asked the PROs to be mindful about their own safety and the safety of their families, while discharging their duties. He emphasized that the crucial information on the topics such as prevention of COVID-infection, Doctor’s advice, how to seek help in an emergency, etc should promoted at gram panchayat-level as well. For this, District PROs should create whatsapp groups of mitanins, gram panchayat secretaries, patwaris, agriculture expansion officers and share the aforementioned information in these groups from time to time. He asked the officials to publicize the inspiring news of patients recovering in home isolation, senior citizens winning the battle against COVID-19, as such positive news would boost morale of people in these challenging times.

इसे भी पढ़ें  वन मंडल रायपुर के अंतर्गत संचालित कार्यों का जनप्रतिनिधियों ने किया निरीक्षण: रायपुर वन मंडल में लगभग 11 लाख पौधों के वितरण का लक्ष्य

Shri Sinha directed to prepare the cases of the deceased journalists in the districts and the departed officers of the department on priority basis so that they can be provided prompt assistance, as per the decision of state government.

 Commissioner Public Relations appreciated the dedication and hard work of District Public Relations Officers  during COVID crisis and advised them to work with confidence, while taking proper safety measures for themselves. In the meeting,  two-minute silence was observed to pay tribute to the departed officers-employees of the department. The meeting was attended by Additional Director Mr. J.L. Daryo and Mr. Umesh Mishra, Joint Director Mr. Sanjeev Tiwari, Mr. Alok Dev, Mr. Santosh Maurya and Mrs. Harsha Pauranik and District Public Relations Officers of all the districts.