Tintini Rock, Ambikapur
Tintini Rock, Ambikapur

It is 19km from Ambikapur on the way to Mainpat, a little ahead of Darima town there is a turn to the right which leads to a village called Chindkalo. The Tintini Rock stands as an oblong sentry overlooking Chindkalo.

Resembling a cyclopean piston, poised over a wider, bigger base, the Tintini Rock does just what its name suggests make a metallic sound when banged. The plangent feature of the rock has been variously attributed to a hollow core and the component elements.

This cylindrical rock roughly measures 2 meters and 35 cms in length and 95 cms in width.

There is no official record of its discovery but since the British days, it is known for its unique property. Folktales around this stone say that there was a fairy dancing here. And when people of the village saw her, she froze to become this stone. Since then this stone has musical properties. For the same reason, it is believed to be divine.

Some research papers that indicate that quite a few ringing rocks have been found in the Bellary region of Karnataka. These rocks were probably used by the hunter-gatherers to either chase away or attract animals. 

How to Reach:

By Air

Darima Airport, Ambikapur is the nearest airport.

By Train

Nearest railway station is Ambikapur from there hire a taxi

By Road

Nearest Bus Stand is Ambikapur from there hire a taxi

इसे भी पढ़ें  ​​​​​​​ठकुराईनटोला घाट के पास लक्ष्मणझूला निर्माण हेतु 19.40 करोड़ रूपए स्वीकृत

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